A new way to use your mouse or trackpad.

A patent pending method of computer interfacing that vastly increases the speed of graphical user interaction. No additional hardware required.

Pointing Reimagined.

The Idea

NudgeSelect is a new way to use your mouse or trackpad with a GUI. It allows for efficient and rapid interaction not seen with the traditional model.

We instead get rid of the screen cursor entirely and allow users to “nudge” from one hotspot to another using the angle of the nudge and a smart selection algorithm which figures out the hotspot you meant.

The Nudge Circle

After every new selection NudgeSelect listens in for your next nudge. You can think of how this works geometrically, as a small invisible fixed-size circle centred around the currently selected hotspot, and an invisible cursor at the centre of that circle, that once moves outside that circle registers a nudge move.

Smart selection algorithm

UUsing the direction nudged by the user, the algorithm chooses the best possible hotspot to select out of all shown hotspots. The algorithm also takes into account less than perfect nudges and guesses which hotspot the user meant by a tradeoff between the distance and direction, as well as ignoring hotspots which would require too precise nudge direction.


An experimental browser plugin for major browser will be available soon, Operating System level implementation are also in the works.

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